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The ships of Koufonissi

Simply made the ships of Koufonissi take sail you to a world where time does not exist.They have been inspired by Georges Vekris 

both imagination and creativity. In order to be created the artist searches,selects using materials of unknown origin, materials that 

have been roughened and sculptured by the waves. Pieces of wood that the sun and salt have turned them into precious and unique.

In Georges Vekris workshop all these precious materials are literally reborn for a new trip to  the sea of imagination. They become 

alive so as to transfer a little bit of Koufonissi magic world to  lands where the sea cannot really reach.

Every single creation of Georges Vekris has been made by traditional methods, natural materials, much of patience and creativity.  

That is why those pieces of art are unique and unprecedented.

Those ships have sailed all over the world through Koufonissi- and theyre available in Rome , Berlin , Paris , New York .  

However, theres still only one place you can get them;A small showroom called  located in  the central street of 

Koufonissi island.

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