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Pan-Hellenic federation of artisans of silver-coldsmiths  jewellers  

             creation of art and culture of 5000 years, expressed with works of art that reflect the culture of each season. 

             that “they see” in the future and write the new course of Greek jewlery.

  1. In the diachronic value of drawings, 

  2. in the big contribution of handmade work, 

  3. in their unique relation with the history and the future of world.

The Colour have importance!

The reasons for which a jewel will attract your attention are many: 


 General rules of Maintainance

  1.  Keep your jewels in suitable jewelcase or in their initial packing so that you avoid the from each other blows and you maintain initial appearence.

  2. A simple cleaning of your jewels with tepid water and humid soap it can lend to them the initial shine.

  3. At  jewels with organic precious stones (corals, pearls, ivory, tortoiseshell) you avoid their direct contact with perfumes, custards or other products with chemical ingredients .

  4. Jewels with precious stones it should be in legitimate time interval to checked by your jeweller for a more special opinion with regard to the structure of jewel and the fixing of their Stones.

  5. A periodical cleaning of silver utensiles with special cloth it gives the possibility to avoid the frequent use of paste.

  6. Clocks  must have their own separate maintainance. At the latest each 4 years should becomes service in their mechanism and annual control watertightness.


CUT : When a Stone is cut in excelent proportions, the light that enters in the Stone it springs from a side in the other and it comes out from the top of Stone as shine. When is cut on the surface, with erroneous corners, throw light from the base. If a Stone is cut deep with erroneous corners, the Stone loses the light from her sides. An excelent cut of  Stone reflects to outside beautiful white light and all colours of arc of the rainbow.

Possibility of choice in from rich variety modern and classic drawings.